KfW StartGeld (067) application - simply explained

For start-ups and young entrepreneurs (up to 5 years old), there is a promotional program of €125,000 for investments and working capital at extremely attractive conditions: KfW StartGeld.

Das KfW StartGeld Schritt für Schritt erklärt

The KfW Start Geld explained step by step

Good times for founders - it has never been easier to implement valid business ideas than it is today. Financing during the first few years of business is the biggest hurdle for many startups after founding or acquiring a company. Offers such as KfW Bank's StartGeld are specifically tailored to this problem and open up completely new opportunities for ambitious startup entrepreneurs. We explain everything worth knowing about the uncomplicated startup loan.

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1. attractive start-up loan from KfW Bank

The StartGeld development program enables founders as well as freelancers and small businesses to obtain low-interest financing for a debt volume of up to EUR 125,000.

2. what is funded and how much is the funding?

The purpose of the KfW Start-up Loan "StartGeld" credit program is to provide founders and existing companies with an easily accessible loan for financing investments and working capital. In doing so, they can apply for a maximum of 125,000 euros as a loan.

3. where does the grant come from?

The European Union, headquartered in Brussels, provides a support program for the European start-up landscape as part of the Strategic Innovation Fund (EFSI). The COSME (Competitiveness of Enterprises and Small and Medium-sized Enterprise) initiative is designed to promote innovative ideas and make small businesses competitive.

You can apply for EU funding through KfW Bank in the form of a low-cost StartGeld-GründerKredit for your company Up to €125,000 in start-up capital is available for each applicant. The start-up grant is personal and can be submitted in a company by all managing directors with more than 10% participation in the company. Entrepreneurs can apply up to 5 years after founding the company.

4. founder's credit can be applied for the following measures:


  • Acquisition of equipment
  • Machinery
  • computers
  • Land and buildings
  • Construction costs
  • Furnishings
  • Company vehicles
  • furniture and fixtures
  • Intangible investments (licenses and patents)
  • software

working capital (funds to ensure ongoing operations)

  • cash and cash equivalents
  • stock of materials and goods
  • personnel costs
  • Rent
  • Expenses for marketing measures
  • Trade fair participation
  • Consulting costs
  • Purchase of a company or company share if you take on a managing director function

Financing larger specifications? Or buying a company? More info on the:ERP Start-up Loan Universal Up to € 25 million for investments & operating costs.

5. What are the requirements for applying for the KfW Start-up Loan?

In principle, all start-ups, freelancers, company successors and young companies can apply for the KfW Start-up Loan "StartGeld". This is especially true if they want to start a business, consolidate a young business (up to 5 years after starting business), participate in a business as a managing director, take over a business as part of a business succession, or run a business as a main business or provisionally as a sideline business.

The subsidy product is not eligible for:

  • medium and large enterprises
  • companies that started their business activity more than 5 years ago (however, there are other support programs for them)
  • reorganization cases and enterprises in difficulties
  • enterprises producing agricultural products or engaged in fishing activities
  • enterprises whose activities do not meet the requirements of the COSME guarantee

6. what is not supported?

The KfW Start-up Loan "StartGeld" program cannot be applied for all types of investments and working capital.

Not eligible are:

  • Installations for the use of renewable energies (are promoted with the products for renewable energies )
  • Building measures for "assisted living"
  • So-called in-itself transactions, such as the acquisition of own company shares
  • Trust constructions and silent partnerships of third parties
  • Debt rescheduling, refinancing, follow-up financing and prolongations

7. create requirements planning for total capital

The expenses for a new company are basically divided into two categories: A large portion of capital requirements is working capital - this includes ongoing costs such as rent, personnel costs, market entry costs, etc. A second category is investments, i.e. the risky use of capital for specific purposes such as advertising and manufacturing.

This is what you should consider
KfW has set the maximum value for working capital at €50,000. The loan is granted by the company's bank, which takes 20% of the risk. The remaining 80% is borne by the KfW through a guarantee. If you are starting up from unemployment or from your studies, it is usually not easy to convince the bank of the security of the investment. Since the house bank only guarantees 20%, founders have a much easier time asserting their interests with banks and investors.

8. who can apply for start-up funding from KfW?

In principle, any small or medium-sized enterprise in the start-up phase can apply for funding. The procedure is most straightforward for sole proprietors. If the applicant is part of a limited liability company, he or she needs at least 10% of the company shares. If 10 or more managing directors are involved, they can jointly apply for funding of up to €1,250,000. The loan is also suitable for founders who run their business as a sideline alongside a permanent job. Instead of taking a full risk and quitting their previous job, the company can therefore be run on a part-time basis. Thanks to the growth promotion, the funding is also practical for transitional phases of business models - for example, when the sideline business is to become a main business. The loan "KfW StartGeld" is also suitable for people who want to become part of a limited liability company and plan to buy in as managing director.

9. KfW start-up loan approved - and now?

The founder loan can be used in different ways depending on the structure and stage of development of the company. The most common uses listed:

1. start-up
When starting a new business, the start-up capital from KfW Bank helps to repay running costs during the start-up phase, covers industry-specific market entry costs and secures production and operations during the first few months of business. Thus, goods can be purchased and employees hired.

2. business takeover
Those who want to purchase and take over an existing business usually need larger investments, which can be guaranteed by the loan.

3. growth financing
The start-up subsidy is not only available to entrepreneurs who have recently founded their own business - up to 5 years after becoming self-employed, discounted subsidies can be applied for. Thus, it is possible to first orientate oneself on the market before the business plan is developed for the start-up grant.

4. strong in the community
If several partners lead a GmbH together, a StartGeld credit can be requested per managing director with 125,000 € each. In this way, the maximum for operating funds can also be increased.

10. which bank is the right partner?

One disadvantage of the fund, which is limited to €125,000 per founder, is its low attractiveness for large commercial banks. The relatively small amount for commercial banks makes rather low profits promising. With the house bank there are better chances for an approval. Regional banks such as Volksbanken, Sparkassen and DLS banks are usually very open to loan negotiations of this kind.

11. the most important step: founder credit application

Although the bank may want to see a business plan for the start-up grant, the main focus of preparation should be on preparing a suitable loan application. The loan application can be submitted to the bank. From the personal contact at the bank, the application is forwarded to the appropriate internal department. If the application is approved there, KfW finally checks the application and arranges for the corresponding payments.

How do I create a suitable loan application?
The loan application is the ticket to a carefree startup world. The bank and all other reviewers usually only have this one opportunity to get an overview of the business model and decide on the allocation of funds. We support the preparation of a convincing loan application and help to overcome all hurdles until successful approval. Professional support for financial planning can also be made possible with our own funding - with a convincing idea, a solid medium-sized company can be built up with even the smallest of funds.

12. how do I start? The next step

For the correct application, various documents as well as a financing partner are necessary. To ensure that all the necessary steps are carried out correctly right from the start and that no formal errors cause the application to fail, the X-GROUP Institute is happy to provide support throughout the entire process.

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